Friday, 6 July 2012

When things go wrong in your best friend’s weeding

weeding cardThere are some experiences that you prey should not happen. It is like a bad dream that ceases to get finished. From the very beginning Harris has gone wrong with his weeding plan. In fact he and Molly, the bride was under a stubborn illusion that the things will go OK. When it appears to be the weeding dress Ireland, there are so many options and the order was placed in hurry to those tailors who claims to be experts but delivers even inferior to the novices.

 As a result, leave aside the wedding custom dresses, the lopsided heap of curtains are packed and offered to them.  The grapevines may set fluttering in rumors but nothing can be done any way. The weeding card only depicts one thing, the money has gone ashtray. The expensive card is being taken care off but the printing as well as invitation wording demands for more attention for the wrong reason, Victorian English at the backdrop of a twenty fast century card, no cursive style, no proper salutation, a faltering piece of decorated write up, masquerading as weeding cards. 

House of WeedingWhile selecting the weeding venues Ireland, the same problem is being displayed. In a B grade hotel, it is a cramp, almost suffocating place, and the food they are offering is not up to the level indeed and they have charged a fortune for that. Then comes the church service, the man and women vow which demands the sheer gravity is pathetically missing, no church singer and no other auxiliary services there. You may fume, hwy they have not called up the House of Weeding people well in advance as you did.

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