Friday, 27 July 2012

Make Your Wedding a Great Success with House of Wedding

 wedding dresses and suitsWedding dresses can build or destroy the image of a bride in the eyes of the guests. Depending on the design and beauty of the dress, a wedding gown can show how organized a bride is. There are all sorts of wedding dresses on market. Among the most popular are those from the house of wedding. This store helps brides and grooms organize their wedding and get the appropriate clothing to wear on the big wedding day.   However, apart from selling fabulous wedding dresses and wedding suits, they provide several other services you will find invaluable.  The services include giving you legal advice, planning guide, RSVP and church advice, among other things.

reception venues They also offer wedding cakes of all designs and sizes.  The cakes include the Fairy Cake, Rathlee Home Bakery Cake, Chapel Cross Cake, Chrysies Home Bakery Cake, Noels Cakes, and Billy’s Bakery Cake, cakes by Karen and cake Art Ireland.  They will also give you a wide variety of reception venues in Ireland where you can host a nice wedding. The reception venues they have in their list are fabulous. They include hotels, golf and spa resorts, castles, and lodges among others. 

House of wedding is definitely the most popular wedding online shop. They ensure they provide you with everything you will need to make your wedding a successful affair. By so doing, they save you the trouble of planning for the wedding and enable you enjoy the whole experience. Their wide experience on planning weddings is valuable to any individual who likes to make the event memorable.

Friday, 6 July 2012

When things go wrong in your best friend’s weeding

weeding cardThere are some experiences that you prey should not happen. It is like a bad dream that ceases to get finished. From the very beginning Harris has gone wrong with his weeding plan. In fact he and Molly, the bride was under a stubborn illusion that the things will go OK. When it appears to be the weeding dress Ireland, there are so many options and the order was placed in hurry to those tailors who claims to be experts but delivers even inferior to the novices.

 As a result, leave aside the wedding custom dresses, the lopsided heap of curtains are packed and offered to them.  The grapevines may set fluttering in rumors but nothing can be done any way. The weeding card only depicts one thing, the money has gone ashtray. The expensive card is being taken care off but the printing as well as invitation wording demands for more attention for the wrong reason, Victorian English at the backdrop of a twenty fast century card, no cursive style, no proper salutation, a faltering piece of decorated write up, masquerading as weeding cards. 

House of WeedingWhile selecting the weeding venues Ireland, the same problem is being displayed. In a B grade hotel, it is a cramp, almost suffocating place, and the food they are offering is not up to the level indeed and they have charged a fortune for that. Then comes the church service, the man and women vow which demands the sheer gravity is pathetically missing, no church singer and no other auxiliary services there. You may fume, hwy they have not called up the House of Weeding people well in advance as you did.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Go for Irish wedding custom dress in Ireland online

Irish wedding Thinking about having a traditional Irish wedding and trying to choose a dress for it? Well then you got to know some very basic traditions for it. 

The first thing is the color: Although the white is quite in tradition since the Victorian era but the following colors are important Irish wedding,

  • Blue taken to be the most lucky and auspicious color.
  •   Green is most avoided as it is believed that this color attract the fairies towards the bride. Fairies love to own pretty things and they could take the bride with them.
  • The second thing is the Irish lace:
  • The crochet lace from the very own Irish Ursuline sisters is also a very much traditional design in Irish wedding dress.

 Now knowing these two particular things about wedding dress you can look out for wedding dresses shops online. If you still find them difficult to get in your budget then you go for alternative options as custom made dress.

wedding online shops Going for a wedding custom dress in Ireland gives you the flexibility to choose color, design and material. The cost may not be more than retail dress but can be as the same or less. Custom dresses are sure to give you perfect fit.

Many wedding online shops gives you this chance to choose the dress from their catalogue or listen to your slightest detail on their online live chat window for your custom made fit.

Friday, 22 June 2012

Fulfill your Dream Destination Wedding

Are you engaged to be married? Many-Many Congratulations!

your wedding
 Iknow how it feels like when you are about to get married, especially if it a destination wedding. So many things to do and so less time for it! Worry not, cause wedding planners are there to take all your worries and stress away.

You just have to tell them your idea and budget for your wedding. They will tend to everything from wedding invitation wording to wedding venues. They take all the stress and you can sit back and enjoy your wedding.

One of my friends had a beautiful destination wedding in Ireland. What a beautiful country, just breathtaking. They had hired the services of a wedding planner and didn’t need to do anything. Even their wedding clothes were ordered by the planner. They had so many options available in their limited budget just because of the help of the wedding planner.

destination weddings
The reception venue in Ireland was a beautiful open garden near a water source. It was the best place to get married. I just fell in love with it. 

Since we have come back from Ireland, destination weddings have become a craze amongst my friends. They all have already decided where and how they want to get married. 

As for me, I am working to be a wedding planner. I will soon start my company with one of my friend in partnership. Yes! It’s going to be so exciting, making other’s dreams come true. You never know, I might be planning your wedding for you.

Friday, 8 June 2012

Celebrations are Just Around The Corner

wedding invitations Ireland
Hey there! I am on cloud nine. Why? Coz I am entering a new phase of life. I am going to get married in less than two weeks.

I am going to be a beautiful bride from the beautiful country Ireland. Thanks for all the good wishes and blessings. Definitely need them because I’m so nervous, although all the wedding invitations ireland have been sent and other things are running as scheduled. Hope everything goes smoothly as planned.

Today I went to the best wedding dress shop in ireland for fittings. Oh my God! My dress is so gorgeous. It is a beautiful ivory dress with a mother of pearl tiara to go with it. The dress is an off shoulder one fitted till the waist and then extends like a ball gown. The pearl buttons on the back are looking so rich and elegant. I just can’t wait to get into it and take all the vows with my would-be husband.
wedding dress shop in Ireland

Just one thing is remaining on my to-do list, ordering the bouquet. I want beautiful ivory flowers with pearl strings hangings. I am going to the baker to check on the design of the cake and will order for the bouquet there only. 

Oh! I just remembered I have to buy a gift for him. Let me think, what about beautiful gold cuff links or a watch. Have to buy the gift now only because can’t leave it for the last minute. Ok bye, wish me luck you guys.

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Find wedding preparations done for you at its best online

For both of them it is the end of the dating and courtship and the beginning of a new life.

But how to start it?

Yes, the big extended families of Ireland cease to exist. It is the nuclear era with the motley bonding in between. So, when Allen and Pamela plan for the marriage, the hell breaks loose. There is so much of work to do.

Wedding Invitations

To start with, it is the invitation. What will be the wording of the wedding invitations any way?

Wedding Custom Dresses In Ireland

There are several examples and at the end of the each they get more confused, what to do now?

How to offer the best party?

Where they will get the wedding dress shops that offer the best option?

They have a fresh memory of the lopsided party of the weeding of a cousin brother when, at the end of the party, the drunken guests went rampage. Hilarious it may sound and read but to whom it happens, it is the ordeal for them as well.

So, how to make the entire show smooth as vintage wine?

The idea clicked in Pamela’s head, how about hiring the weeding online shop? After much consulting they have zeroed upon a couple of firms. They got the info from one of their friend that the marriage was conducted by They fixed the deal. Their representatives started with the makeup basics to team up for the D day. Then the dress, the cake the party, the church singer, the church matters, the legal side- everything was taken care of, manages in an impeccable manner. Thanks to them.